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Direct to Tenant referencing is the perfect solution

Direct to Tenant referencing provides a solution in advance of the legislation which will ban letting agents charging fees to tenants. Regardless of the ban, landlords will still require a prospective tenant to demonstrate a satisfactory credit profile and their ability to fulfil the terms of their tenancy agreement. We understand the pressure that this places you under so we can continue to help you safeguard your landlords by:

  • Taking on all the administration burden
  • Reducing your costs
  • Delivering world class references directly to your tenants, with a copy to you
  • Replacing your lost income stream.

What we can do

We will deal directly with the tenant, on your behalf, and offer choice, help and support. If the tenant wants to complete the reference we will help them do so without charge. If the tenant requests that Let Alliance completes the reference in full on their behalf, then we will charge a fee directly to the tenant.

The full referencing process is onerous and our experience shows that the vast majority of tenants prefer to pay our fee and benefit from the Let Alliance service.

Your tenants will always be given choice and we will never charge a fee without their express agreement.

Direct to Tenant referencing

Providing choice for tenants, reducing costs and admin for letting agents.

Pauline Higgins
Head of Customer Services

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